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Code of Conduct

ā€œEveryone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.ā€

Definition of Sustainability extracted from Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"Every attitude, choice and subsequent action inevitably generates a more or less significant impact within the ecosystem in which it is generated: this impact has environmental, economic and social value.
The term social impact refers to the process of identifying future consequences on the human population, caused by public or private actions, that positively or negatively affect the ways in which people live, work, have fun, relate to each other, they try to meet their needs and fight successfully as members of society."

Definition of Social Impact developed by Inter-organizational Committee for SIA 1995 and Becker, 2001.

In drafting this Code of Conduct, Planet Idea is oriented by ethical, environmental and social values and is ready and willing to make precise commitments regarding the right to housing, in accordance with Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with paragraph 61 of the Istanbul Agreement and the Habitat Agenda.
As founders of Planet Idea, we are motivated by the conviction that our collective action can allow us to address the major societal challenges of our time, such as well-being and happiness, fairness/equality, resilience, accessibility, empowerment and active participation, inclusion, justice and knowledge.

We are also committed to monitoring internal/external interactions with the communities for which we design spaces and environments, products and/or services, in order to evaluate and assess the social, environmental and economic impact, and any effects on related systems.

With this Code of Conduct

  • we declare our fundamental objective: to design and implement innovative urban ecosystems with social, economic and environmental sustainability;
  • we affirm our responsibility in enacting a building proposal with social impact that therefore generates concrete actions and choices for sustainable change;
  • we affirm our responsibility in enacting an environmental proposal that guarantees the protection of the landscape and its future inhabitants, from the earth to the management of its resources and the development of related products and services;
  • we pledge to advocate choices and attitudes as part of an approach shared with local communities in order to achieve the fundamental objectives of Planet Idea.

We believe and we are aware that

  • urban planning has a key role in the creation of a newly founded city in terms of designing the landscape, protecting the environment and the land and preserving biodiversity;
  • relationships play an important role in the creation of a community and in the generation of behaviours that could instigate sustainable change;
  • proper management of resources (energy, water, etc.) and services is crucial for ensuring a decent life for all and for protecting the natural environment;
  • we are co-responsible for the custody of the Earth, the protection of land and biodiversity and the value of the relationships that are generated;
  • environmental degradation is closely linked to human culture and behaviour: the earth and the planet's resources must be managed in a fair, rational and efficient manner;
  • investment in natural resources, starting from the ground, must be regulated to guarantee and preserve their wealth for local people, supporting access to these resources and accompanying them with sustainable use.

Consequently, we are committed to

  • designing by focusing on people and their needs, constantly involving them in the process;
  • designing with respect for the quality and dignity of people's lives;
  • clearly identifying our beneficiaries as the citizens who will inhabit the future smart cities and the local, regional and national administrations that will embrace smart, green and social settlements in their territory;
  • offering places capable of promoting the community and meeting people's needs, and not only their material needs;
  • designing with respect for the culture, customs, traditions and behaviours of the people involved (whether neighbouring or not) and the context in which we take up residence;
  • taking care and being aware of nature, its resources and the value of people;
  • designing in a systemic way to enhance environmental components.
  • monitoring and evaluating the social impact generated so that it can become a valuable tool of interpretation and dynamic improvement for our actions and our activities;
  • developing the economy of communities through sustainable actions;
  • consciously choosing our partners and our suppliers, actively involving all stakeholders;
  • growing by encouraging debate, sharing and collaboration;
  • investing in research for innovative solutions to meet people's needs and improve quality of life;
  • developing and adopting new technologies that generate social inclusion, services accessible to all and the development of local economies;
  • enhancing the professional relationships established and developed locally and internationally, in order to make them durable and sustainable;
  • contributing to the goals of sustainable development both through the innovation of processes, products and services and through the adoption of and compliance with codes of social responsibility;
  • promoting and implementing inclusive processes and projects in favour of more vulnerable segments by coordinating between the different actors.

The Planet Ideas Code of Conduct is a dynamic tool for sharing and communicating the vision and mission of our work, how we intend to achieve it and who the intended beneficiaries are. We are aware that global scenarios change quickly and we are committed to remaining vigilant about any changes that might be required in order to kept our founding values in tact.

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